14 Jan


How to use rockkcor vapor suit

Simply measure yourself before putting on the suit, then exercise for 30min and after remove the suit and measure again for instant weight.

How do you measure yourself

When it comes to measuring, it is better to use the tape measure than relying on the scale, as it could be frustrating no seeing changes you desire fast enough. The tape measure will reflect the changes on your body shape, given you accurate measure of every body part, that way you can track your progress.

We recommend that you measure at the beginning of the programme then at the end of each exercise program. By the end of 4weeks you should have a narrower waist, a lifted bottom, a toned bust and a slimmer thighs.


Here is how to measure:

Bust: measure over your nipple line.

Waist: measure the smallest area around you belly button

Bottom: measure your widest point

Thigh: place your tape around one thigh at the upper level.



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