Rockkcor Vapor

Rockkcor Vapor is dedicated to the development of innovative non-invasive weight loss garment that produce effective natural results while being comfortable to wear on a regular basis for physical activities.

Lose inches in minutes. A body suit that helps you loss inches, it tightens, tone and firm every area of the body. You will notice inch-loss when you wear Rockkcor Vapor suit and exercise for 30min. This fun playful everyday comfortable garment with lots of colours to choose from, is ideal to wear with your friends on a power walk, it will also provide warmth on a cold winter days walk.

The Rockkcor Vapor suit is designed to overcome all of the downsides of the existing options available to consumers in the sauna suit market. The suit has been made of two primary layers.  The outer portion, the shell, is constructed from a durable every day garment which you know and love to play, relax, go for a power walk with group of friend, knowing you are protected from cold and at the same losing weight. it looks smart to wear out without anyone even knowing you are having a serious workout underneath. Some were made with polyester fabric, and some with cotton while being lined with coated polyester fabric.

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