Rockkcor Vapor is dedicated to the development of innovative non-invasive weight loss garment that produce effective natural results while being comfortable to wear on a regular basis for physical activities or leisurely. While losing weight at the same time.

Lose inches in minutes. A body suit that helps you loss inches, it tightens, tone and firm every area of the body. You will notice inch-loss when you wear Rockkcor Vapor suit and exercise for 30min. This fun playful everyday comfortable garment with lots of colours and styles to choose from, is ideal to wear with your friends on a power walk, it will also provide warmth on a cold winter days walk.
The Rockkcor Vapor suit is designed to overcome all of the downsides of the existing options available to consumers in the sauna suit market. The existing sauna suits on the market tends to be made of plastic, and are in either black and grey colour. They are generally unflattering and looks quite cheap in their construction. Rockkcor Vapor suit brings a degree of fun to this product, making it appealable to a wide demographic than the traditional products in this area. The Rockkcor Vapor overtime will give significant savings over using a spa to get regular sauna treatments. Rockkcor Vapor is good for those who want instant weight loss, for any reason, whatsoever, whether, it’s just to fit into you figure hugging dress for the weekend or for an athletes looking to drop pounds or to stay within a weight category, Rockkcor Vapor will do just that without going through the salon expense for body wrap which would cost up from £30 to £60 or even £90 if it is a London salon just for one treatment.
It also works wonders for those who wants to continue to loss weight and keep the fat off, you will have to continue with your exercise program and dieting for 4weeks to see a significant weight loss.



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