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Powerful sweat suit in a playful onesie. Enjoy the power of vapor and loss weight effortlessly

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Onesie Navy Sweat Suit

Our Onesie Navy Sweat Suit is a unisex garment with a one piece style, designed specifically to aid weight loss, despite its casual and relaxed design. This sweat suit is perfect for anybody that would like to lose weight throughout the day, regardless of what they are doing. Whilst looking stylish, you can lose weight cleaning the house, playing with your children, cutting the grass and many other daily household tasks. Because of the stylish design, you can also wear it out in public whilst walking the dog or on a power walk with friends. This fashionable Onesie is available to buy in navy, with sizes ranging from Small through to XXXL.

What are Sweat Suits?

A sauna suit is an item of clothing that influences the wearer to sweat at a significantly increased level, specifically in order to encourage weight loss. This is done by limiting air flow into or out of the suit, increasing the temperature within the suit and making the individual sweat profusely, known as the sauna effect. Not only does the suit help to lose water weight held within the body, but it also helps to accelerate the weight loss process by temporarily increasing your metabolism, encouraging your body to need more energy and stimulating your body to burn fat. The body will begin using fat as an energy source, rather than carbohydrates or muscle tissue, making the body burn fat during exercise in increased heat.

What are the Benefits of Sweat Suits?

Sauna suits from Rockkcor Vapor have a whole range of benefits, perfect to help with your weight loss and fitness goals. By increasing the temperature and ultimately the intensity of your workout, sweat suits are well known for helping you to lose fat. As well as the most typical weight loss benefit associated with sweat suits, our products provide you with a range of different benefits to help you to look and feel good again.

  • Fat Burning – Higher body temperature and an increased metabolism encourage your body to work harder during exercise, leading to you burning more calories and losing weight.
  • Remove Excess Water – When staying properly hydrated, you can reduce unwanted water levels with our sweat suits, reducing water retention and swelling. This can be a particularly appealing prospect to women that suffer from Edema, having a positive effect on them.
  • Cleansing your Body – Increased sweating as a result of wearing our sweat suits open up your pores, removing bad toxins and cleansing your body, giving you healthy skin and a great feeling.
  • Body Healing – With an increased heart rate there is an increased level of blood flow throughout the body, meaning that more oxygen reaches all muscles and injuries can heal quicker.
  • Save Money – Our sweat suits can help you to save money in the long run, helping you to lose weight whenever you wish. By paying for body wraps at salons, you can often spend between £30 and £90 per session and you may need several of these before you begin to see any positive results. For our suits, you only need to make one payment and you can use your suit as much or as little as you would like.

Sweat Suit FAQ’s

What are sweat suits for?

Sweat suits are specifically designed to increase sweating, encouraging your body to lose weight, particularly during exercise and in the immediate time following exercise.

Do the sweat suits really help with weight loss?

Our products are very effective at helping to increase body temperature, leading you to sweat more and lose weight. As a result of this, your body will work harder and will burn more calories throughout the duration of your exercise.

How should sweat suits be utilised?

Our variety of sweat suits can be worn with or without clothing underneath, however clothing will indeed increase your body temperature and the effectiveness of the suits. We recommend that you wear light clothing underneath our sweat suits in order to increase the amount of sweat produced, as well as an alternative way of absorbing the sweat.

Are there any side effects of sauna suits?

There can sometimes be some minor side effects to sauna suits in general, including dehydration, irritation of the skin and muscle pain.

How do I wash my sauna suit?

The best way to wash a sauna suit ready for further use is to rinse with water and then hang it to dry.

Our products are not suitable for pregnant women or anybody that is prone to suffering from heat exhaustion. If you are taking prescription medication or have any existing medical conditions or health issues, please consult your doctor prior to use of our products. For optimal use of our products, we recommend that you wear clothing made from mesh or other thin materials underneath your sweat suit.



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